Friday, March 16, 2012


It's 4:41 p.m. on this beautiful Texas afternoon....the clouds are out for my enjoyment as I sit on the patio of my friend's Art Studio...sipping tea listening to Arcade Fire. I'm thinking about the direction I am going in && it's a new one...i'm sailing somewhere new soon *as always* wiser, stronger && more grateful for my chances, experiences && moments that i'll forever be attached to. I do NOT like dwelling on the past although it lingers when i'm at my most sensitive moments. I'm attached to my moments....they're all I have. I believe we are put on this earth to fulfill our purpose && i'm closer to pursuing my own. I love color....painting is something I've been scared to give my all to. I have realized i'm afraid of letting go of who I really am....I hold back ALL the time sharing a piece of my heart but never giving everything I have. In order for me to be successful I need to let loose and run wild with my creativity because I have a million things if not more to express. I want people to attach themselves to my personal pleasures && pain in a way where i'm always remembered. I find myself in a totally different time, place, situation && era. The Sable reality: I don't see the world the way everyone else does...I have a dangerous optimistic mindset that what will be can be even if it's not planned properly just go for it && see what happens. I stay up late tossing && turning about all I want to do && say you can do this if you keep believing in what you have to offer. At times I wish there were other planets we could live on because i'm not sure if I am quite fit to be on earth lol I know sounds crazy but i'm DIFFERENT. I love all people && things...I love nature && being indoors. I want to explore && see everything I can possibly imagine. I can't keep the same train of thought for 5 seconds but my personality makes up for it promise! We're getting ready to make some oatmeal walnut favorite but I wanted to say something for my's okay to be attached to life....I am && i'm seeing the beauty in all chaos even if it ends in disaster. 

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