Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Disappeared, Reappeared

It's been so long since I've wrote on my first blog site EVER senior year of high school to be exact. I am a writer but most importantly a journals are enough to fill up abath tubthoughts..views && my inner most feelings about thee sphere shaped world known as .||earth||. stay locked inside. I will be more active blogging randomly about any&& everything. I hope to be a journalistsomeday if not well-known, at least one who tried to add value through intoxicating divine words for someone somewhere... I've gracefully disappeared && reappeared with a maturing mind followed by an even more nurturing heart. It's 11:26p.m as I watch this documentary on dreams....sipping the life out of my empty cooler with flash backs of France on the brain....(I can multitask) not really though; Just a young woman trying to be more in sync with my senses; Stay Tune

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