Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Idol

It's almost 4 a.m. && I found myself listening to Kelly Rowland's new album Here I Am...i'm so very PROUD//happy for her accomplishments because she doesn't get the light she deserves. Her personality seems so pleasant && her hair is always laid...she could teach someone a thing or two (I won't mention names) lol. Of course I do not know her personally but ever since I was 13 people have called me Kelly or just say she's my twin....I love her to death && hope to see her in concert or get some pictures with her before this lifetime is over. I've been buying her albums since day 1 while the new fans are strung because of Motivation ft. Lil Wayne not that it means anything. She's really BIG in Europe, a lot of French guys would say to me during my time spent in the countryside of France "Stole" because of their broken English I knew they were referring to her song that was very meaning about committing suicide. I wish her nothing but the best in all her endeavors while I rock my feet to Each Other which I have on repeat! muah twin xo

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