Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adele - Melt my heart to stone

As I sit in front of the fireplace cozy in my hometown (Motor City)...I hear the powerful voice of Adele && it moves me to tears. I was daydreaming that maybe just maybe as I sip on my tea watching the flames from the fire bursting upward into chimney ignite could my heart just melt to stone? Paper..wood...&& cigarette boxes silently much easier that would be rather than having my feelings bottled up && not considered. Everyone wants to have their cake && eat it too not that it's anything NEW. Life throws so many curve-balls but I've never let it get me down for too long. I would love to go see Adele perform in concert; She's getting me through my current dilemma which is the beginning of the end of two situations. I'm such a PASSIONATE artist/lover && her music gently chaotically reminds me...i'll recover from my overdose....I'm the only one in love....i'm the only one in love

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