Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Artist && A DJ

It's been a while since I've deeply expressed myself so what better time than NOW. My fall semester 2011 is coming to an end && it's been a rough one. I found myself changing due to my circumstances && it's a first time for everything but I didn't realize how much I was going on a downward spiral...I arrived back in Texas of August 2011 w/so much ambition, determination && faith that everything would work out in which it did but I lost my vision somewhere later down the line....swiftly unexpectedly && strangely I met someone special I just didn't know it yet. We met at a house gathering && became friends....the comfort, company && conversations were of delight, intellect && laughter. What started off just hanging out but that changed for me...I look up to this person for he is strong && purposeful. I'm in his wisdom while he is apart of my system, how an Artist met a DJ is what I like to call it. We are city dwellers living in a small town looking for contemporary ways to improve our lives. Our possibilities  are indefinite, we may end up in Sydney, Austin, or Paris...both of our career paths mesh; While i'm painting he produces mix-tapes && promote or as he DJ's around the world I can be the photographer. Our backgrounds  will allow us to support the tiny crescents that intertwines our soul...our stories are different but can be told at the same time. I feel so enveloped in this new found part of my life...Can we do this together?  I hope so because he has made an everlasting impression on me that will always be acknowledged...I never tell him enough how proud of him I am && that he will go far because of his drive to succeed. I learned a lot about love, hardships && desire from this special individual. He brings out a sensitive side of me that I didn't think I possessed because of my protected demeanor. It takes more than just a good heart to be with someone but effort && esteem. My admiration for his goals && job have inspired my writings, art && capability to do more for ME. I needed his push && it's a light he sees that I let go out at one point. I will forever be thankful for this quantum leap && journey i'm still venturing. In my mind all I can think about is a frame for our future && the pictures of the past....&& a chance to make this love last;    

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