Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hey You...

You know I see you on my blank sheet before I memories choke me && stain my pillow as my voice becomes hollow as I trace tear lines around this space that won't fill. I feel nothing but this way && the emptiness stays && it's cluttered with a silence that teases me, it leads me on like it's gonna say () You know yesterday I stood out in the rain in an attempt to dissolve away or just disappear or be back or BE () I try to see the point but I only see the pain, my dreams cry when they're slain I regain consciousness to blurry vision I try to listen out for whispers of () Rain drops disguise my tears have gone...I want you to be here with me to stand by me said I can't help but to be selfish cause I don't want to be alone () Did I leave you behind or did you let me go, all I know is you're not here to say to me those special words () Time was once on our side but now it's against parts us && all I want to hear you say is 

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