Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Is Love?

I haven't heard this song in a's a chilly Wed. evening and it's not that i'm feeling some type of way but I wonder what do other's think when they put you in a position you are trying to make work. They say they care && love you but what happens when both parties stop showing it....they get so comfortable that true colors arise. I am bothered by an array of past events involving more than what I bargained for. Whomever reads this know that I am releasing my bottled up feelings of despair. I do NOT like being walked all over or treated a way I don't deserve if I have been nothing but a good individual. I am nonchalant sometimes but once I love I really can you express your deepest emotions when the person you want to share them with isn't interested enough to respond? This leaves me pondering....what exactly is love? It's what makes the world go round && it's FREE....I love for the sake of loving I have been in so MANY situations that I couldn't possibly let it interfere with the glow inside my heart that I've reserved only for myself. Now this may be shocking compared to my previous post, which is irrelevant to this one. It's not ONLY about intimate love but loving each other flaws && all. I may not always be in a good mood but i'd never purposely dog or hurt those whom I love. I do expect it to be reciprocated && when I feel like i'm being under appreciated I shut is one hell of a drug; At this point I trust myself...because I won't let ME down...i'm not a woman torn or bitter but when do you say enough is enough? I make myself happy but is it too much too ask if having a significant other actually add to my world of peace, happiness, + art. && I love LOVE however when mentally i'm gone there is no returning...someone else is waiting to meet romance me....enjoy those weird dorky qualities I have && show me they're ready

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