Monday, January 30, 2012

I'll Never Forget

I'm in World Renaissance Literature...passed my quiz && we are currently reading the Odyssey. Reading && writing does some powerful for me...I get to escape from reality && express myself through my journals in which I collect also by my new hobby blogging! Books allow me to relieve anything that gets me tense, I smile because I admire authors, expatriate writers...people brave enough to either put themselves out there or create a scenario in which the world can relate. All my fascinations with these make believe characters comforts me knowing I to have a billion things to say about my very own twisted life! I have officially tuned my professor out...he talks in slow motion while my mind speeds up to the future, what I plan on doing && how I will do it. I've always been curious in search of something greater..more && becoming one with the earth. Naturalness is so beautiful to me....I might lay in the grass if it's sunny enough while the wind blows && focus on my tainted vision. Closure: I have never had it...with's bothered me more than life itself how one event after another rolls over && suffocates your room to breathe or grow into the person God knows you can become. These nails I have on are too damn long...I should have cut them but I procrastinated like always btw that is throwing us off topic. Not having closure hurts but what hurts more is not being able to express how this open wound came about...I am more emotional than i'd like to be but I won't show it I can only jot it down..I don't know whats going on then again I do will there be closure? In my past nobody has ever gave me that && it ruined my thought process whether it's a friend, lover, parent or stranger I attached myself too. I have met so many different kinds of people whether they remained in the picture or not isn't important...I learned from these many interactions && have kept it moving. But in particular I've come across a complication so rare that I don't know if closure is meant. I wanted to touch the spine of this certain person in a way where i'd always be a part of them...when I say touch their spine I mean kiss && heal any way I can the joints that have bruised the way they see others. I WANT TO LOVE SOMEONE THE WAY MY MOM LOVED ME, she tells me how wonderful I am && have done so all my life...she gave until she couldn't give anymore && she's still doing it.... I've learned how to love i'm just afraid to do so because I want it to be for the right reasons...When I say reasons I mean out of the way a person allows me to do so; Love someone when they don't deserve it because that's when they need it most but what if it's too late, there goes more of not having closure. Class is over...but I don't want this to be

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