Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm feeling all these wonderful emotions....some sad some good some hard to deal with along with new feelings of happiness...processing what's eternally apart of you is so powerful. I am always on the go whether it's with school work or travel. My life is constant, always && devastatingly exciting. I exaggerated that last statement lol what I mean is I decided to take the time out of my busy world to think about my feelings eternally...what WON'T go away, what WILL eventually && those butterfly feelings when your life is on the right track! Between my personal && academic growth as a woman, artist,lover,friend....I am inhaling life && exhaling love. More than often I have been very deep within my feelings....dealing with things the world couldn't even come close to guessing...I keep TONS of stuff to myself so here I am writing you about all these wrapped up feelings inside my overworked brain. Maxwell moves me whole body shifts depending on what he's singing about && to me if someones music can continue to do's epic! I like being emotional for two reasons....what good would it do if I were zombie like...I have touched other's with my overwhelming loving tendencies to care without me even knowing...I can't help it it's a part of who I am. I love having emotions because that lets me know I feel great things for I am deeply connected to the earth; Does that make sense? Maybe not to my audience but it does to me. I could sit here && write FOREVER...but I do not have that type of free time. My feeling can't be taken away from me.....their private yet I long to share all of them. I DO NOT thing the world is ready for my dangerous beloved mind. I have this tingling sensation inside me right now from the thought of my old lovers...what makes my heart ache, what makes it open and pour a little of my existence into the air. Kind of deep...not event he things that consume me is beyond keeping up with. Eternally I just want you to know my name is'll never come close to meeting one exactly like me with the same name && feeling are what keep me here willing to produce the best quality my spirit can envelop. xo

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