Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Fact Is (I Need You)....

I can pay my own light bill baby
pump my own gas in my own car
I can buy my own shoe collection
I've been blessed thus far
[[I can kill the spider above my bed
although it's hard because i'm scared]]
I can even stain && polyurethane
BUT some things just don't change I NEED YOU
*sometimes so hard to say*
I can buy my own groceries baby
get my hair tight my nails right...
I could be a congress woman or a garbage woman
or a police officer, or a carpenter
I could be a doctor && a lawyer && a mother && a good girl
GOD what you've done to me, kind of lover I could be
I could be a computer analyst, Queen with the nappy hair raising the fist
or I could be much more && a myriad of this
hot as the summer sweet as the first kiss
&& even though I can do all these things by my damn self

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