Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Artina

I will take your heart
I will take your soul out of your body 
As though I were God
I will not be satisfied 
With the touch of your hand
Nor the sweet of your lips alone
I will take your heart for mine
I will take your soul 
I will be God when it comes to you. 

My Interpretation: 

It's a love poem but not just any kind of love poem he wants her && loves her...more than just the physical pass sexual ...he wants to own her, signs of an abusive relationship how does Artina feel? Is she being emotionally abused && is she afraid? I don't want anyone to feel this way about me...is it Artina's fault that he feels like this? He wants ultimate control... I believe the speaker is demanding && wants her complete obedience as well as her very soul. Something about his words creep up my spine && makes me wonder can loving someone this much be safe..they say love can kill you but I pray to heaven skies it never kills me at the same time I love the way this poem moves me...I FEEL the meaning behind this poem...the power of his words makes the hair on my arms stand up 

  •    What Do You Think This Poem Means && Does It Have Any Significance To Your Life?

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