Sunday, February 12, 2012


We may not communicate the best verbally but
through a  body language so enchanting....I shiver
when you stimulate the right side of my brain && make me go insane,
no other would [[understand]] our crazy love or what this escapade demands...
but the stress dwelling in between the lines turns into pleasure having
you touch my spine..then that kiss on my thighs pours honey out of it's hive....
the delicacy of my heart is mixed in the sulfur of yours...the motion from our
magic needs no cure because when I wasn't sure, after re-opening the evolving door
I knew this was for keeps what you had in store...when it hurts so good && you never
knew you could, love has it's own plan don't underestimate my hands, they will find a way to reach the spot you like me to caress, as you play with the rings placed tastefully inside the tender part of my breast. Why make up to break up when you can just break me off, outside or in the loft...I want to
release all my inner inhibitions, I need you to listen to my silent cry for affection other than just your throbbing erection...twisted that's what it feels like hot && cold, day && night is this the wrong love song...I want you to hold me...console the doubts that fill my body && drain my disappears whenever your inside of me licking every inch of she...intertwined yet twisted

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