Saturday, June 9, 2012

1:53 a.m

I'm smoking && listening to old school r-n-b having a good time in L.A. thinking about a lot both sad but mostly memories that make me feel good...the old days when life is carefree, special all the things we should hold on to. I can't wait to make tons of paintings to leave parts of my spirit out into the universe....ever been scared to put yourself out there? I am soo emotional which I have to remember is okay..since i'm a woman but I plan to push myself to add all of those unwritten diary pages...embedding it into my art coming straight from my heart. I am indeed a lover, of all things created, i've been laying in the grass every other day soaking up the sun...sippin on rum enjoying the sounds of nature.
When i'm indoors I enjoy myself. In the wee hours of the morning is when you let yourself go completely...I am tingling from my own inhibitions; I wonder would people enjoy my insaneness once I let it explode...I hope so

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