Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Loved You...

I loved you without fault
I loved you without pain
even through our boiling points
I loved you without blame...

Now all that's left to comfort me
is the matching venom we share
flickering fleshful frolics...
from when love was there

Clinging to your spine
as if I squeezed your bones in each fist
pleasant reigns of music
showers doubt you did exist

As you lay tucked inside the left pocket of my brain...

This feeling won't seem to diminish
snoozing during the day, haunting me at night

An unwritten future together we didn't get to finish...

My achingly wounded heart temporarily lost sight...

I try to let you go but your spirit wants my life!

foolishly I ship my mind in an e-mail 
reciting this poem but my web connection failed

I want for thy eyes to find....because

I loved you without sin
I loved you without sun
I loved you when it hurt 
&& back you DIDN'T come <3

Sincerely, Sable Sanae'

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