Monday, December 31, 2012

My sister's Keeper

This is a beautiful song by one of my favorite artist that I discovered on the Tube. Sea Oleena makes me want to float, paint && meditate. It's so relaxing, soothing...&& understood. This is dedicated to my beautiful growing baby sister. I love her so much && although I haven't always been involved or the best at communication. I call her MORE && plan to Skype her once a week. so far i'm doing good!!  I never had a big brother or sister...I was the experiement child, first born, the example...*melodramatic voice* I have to lead the way! These lyrics touch me in a way I can't fully describe. I appreciate the guitar so much more than I ever have. Talent like this is by far overshadowed by garbage. Anywho enough of my personal opinions..Dear Harmony Heavenly Smith this one is for YOU.

"It's been a long time sister, take a walk in the crystal city"

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