Friday, January 4, 2013

Time's A Wastin'

It's 1:25 a.m. && i'm jamming to Erykah Badu. I love her so much...she inspires the hell out of me. She is the definition of a real artist && I admire everything about her from her naturalness...afropuffs..taste in fashion && timeless beauty (minimum make-up) she is so in touch with herself. She isn't high maintenance or always showing off her body or exposing skin...yet carefree enough to uniquely comfortable with who she is. When she sings, I am moved inside. Not only is she poetic but she's loving...she speaks on worldly issues && things that actually matters. She's in tuned with nature, art, soul, culture, passion, love, dreams && life itself. I feel very strongly about her as a person (not trying to sound obsessed) && i'll never even get to meet her. I've decided to make a you-tube page singing not because it's a career choice but a pleasure I get when i'm tensed. It's a soothing release for me && I have a lovely voice. She makes me feel fearless && like I can do anything. I recently drove to San Antonio for a week to visit family && everyone called me Erykah Badu. I know I should never want to be someone else which I don't but it's such a compliment. I can wrap almost anything around my curly fro && make it look GOOD! I mean that in a graceful way not cocky. I went to a 30+ club && had the time of my life. I have to step my game up on the dance floor because everyone can hustle! It was nice to be around an older crowd with real music not the "whatever you want to call it" music of today's generation. Oh && the drinks were stong...the men had them coming all night lol.  Baby face lingering in the atmosphere && unexpectedly this peanut butter complexion  man grabbed my shy behind up out of my seat so he could dance with me. He told me I made him feel like he was at home (Africa) && that I was absolutely beautiful...a modern day Badu. It touched me but I realized how much I really am way wiser beyond my years...not saying I don't enjoy indulging in entertainment with my age group or friends that are younger than I. I just mentally click with those twice my age on a whole different echelon && always have. My parents both just hit 40 even.  Children are starting to look up to me now more than ever && it made me realize is God trying to show me something? Maybe I have an altered purpose...not only do I want to make art but I want kids to be able to say she is someone I look up to,  can vividly remember && learn from. My friend has a 3 year old daughter who calls me just to say she loves && misses me. That tiny moment of communication means so much. We have to set standards for our upcoming generation. I will be the Sable Badu of 2013 lol. I hope if she ever were to read this she would be flattered because she makes my mood so much better when i'm choleric . "Where you running to && where you running from" A lyric of her's. I've always been inquisitive but her music makes me think about what am I waiting to happen when I keep running away. Teach the boys && girls, time's a wastin' && I don't know how much time i'm granted. Peace && Blessings bloggers xo. 

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