Thursday, January 31, 2013

Le Secret..(Poem)

It's 1:44 a.m. as I freely expose my sable colored breast...
I am wildly awake because your frame won't seem to rest
inside the walls of my vagina nor the space in my treasure chest
I finally confess my feelings for you won't shrink any less..

Than my cracked hearts desire to be back in the country
where we could expose our pains together in silence..and
when she collapsed into you and he melted in her chocolate sea...
naturally, like the plain yogurt I were good for my health

A new flavor so free...maybe i'm hopefully seeking to hit a brick wall
my fantasy is real while reality knows I won't get that missed call...
of an area code that could only make me paint mountain
hard to forget this secret I hide very well..they can't find it..I mean at all

It's breathing in my lungs, living in between my thighs...jumping in my veins,
hiding in my eyes...that's how deep our love shall always remain
the softest part of my body remembers your unspoken  name
I would expose this part of my love but i'm afraid...if anyone knew

How I really felt, I would be weak..immune to the devastation
am I making any sense? I long to pause this constant masturbation
but I can't let another get close enough to taste the concentration
of my fruits, they were for you...all the berries and teas I would

Feed our children..I look so well stitched but inside i'm cotton-filled
staring at this computer screen taking my last birth control pill..
nobody would know my secrets and how I am calmly ill
by the past I didn't expect and that last minute chill

Playing footsies with my sheets, beauty is more than skin deep
it's trying to help you discover that beauty isn't the beast ...nor me!
love is contagious, may it spread through the memories west and east
if it was stronger than pride why do we hide behind a promised kiss we'll never greet;

~ Love Sable Sanae' 1/31/13

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