Monday, February 18, 2013

p.O.e.M u.K.n.O.w.N

I think that if you let me i'd treat you like the sky..
i'd join up all your insecurities, && bundle all your flaws.
I'd create a new constellation && search for it endlessly.

I know you don't see yourself the way I see you...

&& you still argue, when I call you beautiful. But all the
things you can't stand about yourself,are all things I can't go a day without.

I think that if you let me,just to show you

that all the stars will never shine as YOU. <3

I didn't write this, however I thinks it's so important to express yourself though metaphors and descriptive visuals relating to the universe. I chose to post this poem because I see things in certain individuals that they don't see in their self  I want to say that inner beauty means so much to me and I believe everyone has a light shining in them that nobody could take away. That spark illuminates when you meet different people. It never fades, it's memorable, love is fascinating because when you can't tell the person how you really feel you can write about it. This poem gave me some sort of knowledge. Who comes to your mind when you see certain things, hear particular songs or read a meaningful poem? That's the point of it discover, value...think && cherish this type of recognition. I am an introvert but it doesn't matter, this made me feel good...because I know what it's like to see this in a person who might now have known why when they can't see it for themselves. 

*snaps fingers*

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