Monday, February 18, 2013

Honey Molasses...

In my free time...
you are my spring
my future king, the
cling to my hipbones
a dysfunctional love Jones
there isn't another clone..
for we are the prototype
of one another's destiny...
put your chest to me, my heart
beats an instrumental tune...
is it too soon, for us to undress
our thoughts underneath the white
moon? words aren't enough, we both
pretend to be tough, I know you like it rough
I want to stay in your cuffs...i'm your honey molasses
soft, buttery smooth and with my feet, take
me so high that nothing can break our tie...our souls became balloons,
feed me with spoons of honey, thick nectar so pure and sticky.
This constant tug of war is starting to get tricky, we play Russian
roulette...but why lose a bet when the best card match is me. As
closely near, you feel my prescence in my erotic eyes...a picture can tell
a million lies or one truth. I want to be glued to you and your love..put no one above
US. I imagine bubbles, candles and some Floetry...I want to be your only poetry, drown in my's better than anyone you've ever had...don't hold back come find my opening...turn on the
lights, put on your reading glasses kiss each letter in my name and dream of me as molasses..stuck in your heart, swallow my existence and save it because we're not done. I bite you like chocolate and dream that I can taste the skin, we don't wanna never end....didn't finish the song, don't be too long, that voice I miss...the nature in our's too hard to tell if a match made in heaven set the fire in hell.

Love, Honey Molasses / Sable S.

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