Saturday, February 23, 2013


Can we let our love-sick thoughts re-take it's course
I kept walking away without proper divorce
This isn't a hoax, joke, no sugar coats
But a plea that i'm the one for you...
Are you truly the one he picked for me? 

Memories are taped on the walls inside my ribs
We are both at fault but all I see is us raising kids
In my it a hallucination to help me heal...
Can we find ways to deal...let our flesh rub..lips seal
The potential never fades we can only learn not to move so fast
I shouldn't have made us an item without learning of your past

I just knew I wanted to be with you and I wouldn't dare ever change that..
Was it fate that we met...chance or just a lesson of curiosity killed the cat
For the experience to be better lovers for somebody distant and new?
I love you so much Dion seems like this poem will just have to due...

There is nowhere to hide...we can only look ahead...what's there to spare?
Every flaw we shared was resplendent...understood love in the southern air
Listening to Pandora makes it even harder to earnestly explain.....
How I've made it coping with our division followed by unbearable pain

They say the one who causes it usually can in the same have it fixed
I just wanted to be the only ONE I can't hear about other chicks
It made me flip, become this passionate bitch I never want to be
Because I cared for you so much and was afraid you might go back and leave

First that is...I act the way I do for a reason but my trust issues weren't like yours
Stabbing each other and playing the blame game won't rebuild all those broken doors!
We could have so much more...if we are a team....I get it now communication is KEY
God was needed in the beginning he will do the mending.....he's the one to help us see

I can't control your feelings but I can say love is stronger than our egos and pride
If nothing changes...closure is nice but I want to work for this.. I've reached and tried
Never thought i'd hear myself say these unbelievable unclouded things...
I've grown entirely soo much, i'm happy with it...and who I am..may our hearts sing

Together in holy matrimony, I come to you sincerely in this deja vu i'm in
I've learned not to hold it in so long, i'm in a space where I just want to win
this might not make sense now but grief is a heavy load...from the pressure of 
being afraid of loving someone...that's the way it goes, It was more good than it was bad
it doesn't foreshadow how you made me feel and the days I was constantly sad

I just want to fix it, start fresh on learning about one another's needs...
Judgment isn't what neither of us should bleed
I rather be with you....and carry your seed under
the condition to no longer hurt me...I think of how my mother still asks of you 
She studies my every move knowing too that i'm hiding how this sky blue
embarrassment doesn't matter when i'm assuring this is true

I write for release, we may not ever get back together but this is for me..for peace
You aren't held in my captivity....I know what I have to do...i'm not weak, not to be walked
all over but to be taken seriously. I am strong, I have been all faith is saying we can
go on off boundless laugh at my hope but years from now...we might both be crazy in love
walking down that's so fairy tale ish..

I pretend i'm hardcore but that's the only way I can protect myself when I don't want others to sense more. 
When you think you understand but have no idea what you let happen our images were too cool...
If we both pray for another chance please don't make me an old mans fool

Life has a certain way at making you FEEL what you wish would just go away
but if it hasn't died yet maybe it was always suppose to stay...we went astray 
I see myself in a much brighter light, I believe in this insane love I just lost sight
I've never knew how to put up a fight, I might even be too late if I can forgive you for such agony
That's already offering half of me...I has no expectations that's why I don't expect you to do anything but try to be tender.

Love Sanae'

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